Wings Fitness Program

RunningManThe Wings Fitness Program is a program designed to promote the importance and awareness of regular physical activity, health education, and nutrition for a healthier lifestyle. This program is free and open to the public. You must reside in the Cherokee Nation service area to be a member.

What Cherokee Nation/Healthy Nation Provides For You:

CNHN covers the registration fee for 24-28 selected walk/runs throughout the year.

What You As A Wings Member Will Provide For Us:

Attend the walk/runs throughout the year. You must pre-register for each race. Healthy Nation does not accept any race day registration. Healthy Nation also keeps track of race attendance. If you miss 3 races (that you sign up for) throughout the calendar year (January-December), you will forfeit your race privileges for the next 12 months. You become “inactive” by not attending a race for 6 months consecutively. At the point of “inactive” you must provide updated contact information if anything has changed and if your health has changed, you must submit a new Wings application along with a letter from you doctor giving the okay for you to participate in physical activity.

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