Safety encompasses many things when it comes to running. First of all, keep a cell phone with you at all times if you are out running a trail. Make sure you wear light colored or neon gear so you are visible to motorists and cyclists.


Stay hydrated especially in the summer months. Wear light dry fit type clothing in the summer.


Wear cold weather gear in the winter. A helpful hint is to dress as if its 10 degrees warmer than the actual temperature in the winter months. This way you aren’t having to shed clothing during the middle of your run once your body temperature warms up. If you don’t want to wear face coverings to warm your face, Vaseline actually helps prevent your face from getting too cold.

Injury Prevention-

Make sure you stretch before and after every run to avoid injury. When it comes to mileage try to avoid lengthening your run more than 10% a week. For example if you are used to running 3 miles a week, then the next week try running 3.3 miles but no more.. even if you feel like it. This will help you avoid injury.

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PHAB Accredited

How Healthy Are We?

How Healthy Are We?



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