Question: How do I join Wings?

Answer: Just pick up a Wings application, fill it out, and submit it at any of the following places: Male Seminary Recreation Center in Tahlequah, Health Administration located inside the CN Complex in Tahlequah, or any of the Healthy Nation departments located inside the CN Health Centers.

Question: How long do I have to wait to become a member of the Wings program?

Answer: We tell new Wings applicants to allow up to two weeks for processing their application. If you include your e-mail address on your application, we will notify you of your acceptance via e-mail. Otherwise, we will mail your acceptance packet.

Question: What are the requirements to join Wings?

Answer: There is only one requirement to join Wings. You must live within the Cherokee Nation boundaries of Oklahoma. There is no age requirement or age limit to join Wings.

Question: Does Wings only pay members registration fee for the highlighted races on the Wings race schedule?

Answer: Wings pays members registration fee for all the races listed on the Wings race schedule, highlighted or not.

Question: Do I have to run all of the races on the Wings race schedule to keep my membership active?

Answer: You only have to register and participate in one race on the Wings race schedule every six months to stay on active status. Even if you are placed on inactive status, you are still a Wings member.

Question: Do I need to submit a Wings application every year?

Answer: No, you do not need to submit a Wings app every year. We do ask that you e-mail us or call us to update your contact information when it changes or contact us if your name has changed.

Question: What if I am already a Wings member, just inactive and now I have to take medication for my high blood pressure?

Answer: If your health changes, you will need to turn in another Wings application along with a letter from your doctor giving the okay for you to participate in physical activity.

Question: If I miss three Wings races that I have registered for, how long will I be suspended for?

Answer:  If you miss three Wings races that you registered for, you will be suspended from entering the Wings runs for 12 calendar months. If you call or e-mail and let us know you are not going to be able to make a run you registered for, it will not count as one of the three missed races. If you are suspended, you can still register for the Wings runs, but you will have to pay your own registration fee.

Question: I faxed in my race form, but when I showed up at the run, I was not registered. How can I be sure I am registered for a run before I make the trip?

Answer: When you fax/mail in your form, call 918-207-3913 or e-mail to confirm your race form was received. It is best to call or e-mail at least a week before the race date because if you wait the week of the race, it may be too late to get you registered. If you e-mail your race form, you will receive a reply that your race form was received. If you register on an online registration site, you will get a confirmation e-mail. Not all Wings race forms have online registration.

Question: Is there a deadline to turn in Wings race forms?

Answer: Yes, for most Wings sponsored races, which are on a Saturday, the deadline will be 10 days before the run and will fall on a Wednesday. If a race is on a Friday, the deadline will be 9 days before the run and will fall on a Wednesday, also. If we sponsor the Tulsa run in the future, the deadline will depend on when the committee sets it. It could be a month before the race.

Question: Where do I find the Wings sponsored race forms if I am not able to download them from this website?

Answer: You can find paper race forms at any of the locations listed on the top of this FAQ sheet or see Trina Jackson information at the answer below.

Question: What is the contact information for the Wings department?

Answer: Trina Jackson – phone (918)207-3913, fax (918)458-6224 or (918)458-4466, e-mail: Mailing address: Cherokee Nation, Attn: Wings, PO Box 948, Tahlequah, OK 74465

Question: Do I need to have my doctor fill out the Letter to Physician on the Wing application?

Answer: Only if you answer “yes” to at least one of the Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire (PAR-Q) questions.


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PHAB Accredited

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